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Ys Seven PSP - The series laid dormant for five years following 2005's The Ark of Napishtim, but XSEED finally brought Ys back to North America with the release of Ys SEVEN in 2010. Featuring a world several times larger than that of any previous Ys title, as well a new three-member party system, SEVEN is proof that Falcom can successfully teach an old Dogi — er, dog — new tricks. A sharp localization brings the inhabitants of Altago to life, and the trademark Ys dodge-and-slash gameplay is fully intact, with several difficulty levels catering to players of any skill. Notable for being accessible to newcomers and series veterans alike, Ys SEVEN is an easy recommendation for anyone seeking a quality action RPG. ( source : Derek Heembergen )

Deskripsi Game :
Nama : Ys - Seven
Publisher: Xseed Games
Bahasa / Language : English
Genre : Action, RPG
Release Date: 08-17-2010

Ys Seven PSP Download

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