Download Fairy Tail - Portable Guild 2 PSP ISO

Fairy Tail - Portable Guild 2 PSP - Create your own character, decide his or her elemental affiliations and join the strongest magicians. Fairy Tail Portable Guild 2 gives you more customizable options and an even larger array of missions to tackle. Form your team, if you already know the characters via the anime or manga, recruit your favorites, or else try out all their powers as you go. There are more weapons and tools to use, summon monsters to aid you, equip yourself with a magical canon or swords and gain many more skills as you advance. The network mode is vastly improved so you can ask your gamer friends to join your team as you tackle difficult bosses. Source ( )

Deskripsi Game :
Nama : Fairy Tail - Portable Guild 2
Publisher : Konami
Genre : Action, RPG
Bahasa / Language : JPN

Link Download :

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