7Th Dragon 2020 PSP iso cso

7Th Dragon 2020 PPSSPP

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Games Name : 7th Dragon 2020
Genre : Action , Rpg
Language : Japan
Release : 2011
Source : downloadgamepsp.com
Play With : PSP , PPSSPP Android , PPSSPP PC

"Dragons from outer space invade earth in 2020. Become the hero to defeat the seven large dragons that make Tokyo their den. Yakumo, the secret governmental organization is recruiting and players can become one of the many weapon specialists. There are more jobs, more character attributes and voices to choose from, all avatars are super deformed to the cutest degree. Miku, too lend her voice and presence to the game. The theme song Seventh Heaven is a catchy pop song composed by the up-and-coming composer Sasakura UK. Find out what key Miku holds to the game by getting a copy of 7th Dragon 2010."

7Th Dragon 2020 :

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