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Games God Eater 2 psp

Games Name : God Eater 2
Genre : Action
Release : 2013

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God Eater 2 is an action game published by Bandai Namco Games released on November 13, 2013 for the Sony PlayStation Portable.

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download games Games God Eater 2 iso

* Works only with 6.60 firmware.
* Copy Update folder (NPJH50832) to
PSP/GAME/ folder

1.40 version Instructions:
KNOW THAT: v1.40 ISO does not work well on PPSSPP (crashes between missions), To avoid this use the clean original iso. This isn’t our fault! for updated info check ppsspp forums.
1. Download and extract the ISO like usual.
2. -If you play on a Real PSP download Encrypted update files.
    -If you play on PPSSPP download Decrypted Update files.
3. Put Update folder “NPJH50832” inside the game folder:
    PPSSPP Portable:
    PPSSPP Installed:
4. Play the game as usual. Failure to put the proper update folder on the proper location will result on BLACK SCREEN.

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