Download Crysis Android Apk + Cracked

Download Crysis Android Apk + Cracked

Download Crysis Android Apk Download + Cracked - Games Crysis Android Apk Download - You should play for a soldier of a special group. Once on the island, near China, the meteorite fell which actually is a spaceship of the ancient, which is able to change the climate on Earth. All countries and intelligence agencies, naturally, want to investigate it. Among them both Your group and Your enemies - Koreans. The group You are running at once on the island quickly to investigate the downed ship. In the game You have to battle with Korean and alien.

Unfortunately it's not the full game, and only a prototype of future shooters. There is almost nothing in it now. But, we will hope that this game will be not thrown by the developer and we will be able to immediately play port real Crysis.

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